Thursday, April 12, 2018

Playlist 4/12/2018

Bluegrass, Etc. Frank Hoppe HD-2 88.5 Bluegrass Country Radio

Crooked Jades ~ California Blues (Copper Creek CD) The Unfortunate Rake v. 2 Yellow Mercury (1:21)

Becky Buller ~ Another Love Gone Wrong (Dark Shadow CD) Crepe Paper Heart (2:31)
Claybank ~ It Almost Feels Like Love (Rural Rhythm CD) Playing Hard to Forget (2:47)
Joe K. Walsh ~ Pine Tree Waltz (Skinny Elephant CD) Borderland (3:30)
Dave Adkins Trio ~ Where Could I Go but to the Lord (Mountain Fever CD) Turn to Jesus (2:11)

Brent Rochester Family ~ Down from His Glory (self-produced CD) Lead Me to Calvary (3:50)
Norman & Nancy Blake ~ Diamonds in the Rough (Rounder CD) Natasha’s Waltz (4:00)
Carter Family ~ When the Roses Come Again (Bear Family CD) In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain [Camden, NJ. RCA. 6/17/33.] (2:30)
Blind Joe Mangrum & Fred Shriber ~ Bacon and Cabbage (County CD) Nashville Early Stringbands v. 2 [Nashville. Victor. 10/6/28.] (2:51)
Stripling Brothers ~ Coal Mine Blues (Document CD) v. 1 [Chicago. Vocalion. 8/19/29.] (3:01)
Lonesome Ace Stringband ~ Solly’s Little Favorite (CD) When the Sun Comes Up (1:32)

Aaron Carter & Jonathan Trawick ~ Walk Along John [Texas] (Deep End Sessions CD) Vol. 1 (2:09)
Ben Townsend & Dave Bing ~ Catlettsburg (Questionable Records CD) The Tri-State Duets (3:14)
Michael Cleveland ~ Earl Park (Compass CD) Fiddler’s Dream (2:55))
Blue Highway ~ Last Time I’ll Ever Leave This Town (Rounder CD) Original Traditional (2:39)
Mike Mitchell ~ Limerock (self-produced CD) Dead Center (4:00)

Summer Brooke & Mountain Faith ~ Perfect Day (Mountain Fever CD) Small Town Life (3:29)
Jimmy Gaudreau & Elle Mears ~ The Sailor’s Prayer (Songside CD) Give Us Strength (4:38)
Christian Quartet ~ Walking with Jesus (Heritage LP) Dreams Won’t Compare (3:00)
Ernest V. Stoneman & His Dixie Mountaineers ~ Are You Washed in the Blood? (5-String CD) Unsung Father… [Bristol, TN. Victor. 7/25/27.] (3:18)

McMichen-Layne String Orchestra ~ Little Blue Ridge Girl (Columbia 78) N/A [Atlanta. 10/23/28.] (3:11)
Byron Parker & His Mountaineers ~ Little Pal (Old Homestead CD) Byron Parker [Atlanta. Bluebird. 2/9/40.] (2:58)
Double Decker Stringband ~ Lawdy Lawdy Blues (5-String CD) The Rest Is Yet to Come (3:04)
Casey Jones ~ Tennessee Wagoner (County CD) Three Fiddlers from the Show-Me State (1:14)
James Bryan ~ Foxhunter’s Reel (Rounder Select CD) The First of May (2:19)

Casey Campbell ~ Wailin’ on Waldron (self-produced CD) Mandolin Duets v. 1 [With Ronnie McCoury.] (2:23)
Leona Williams, Ron Williams & the Bluegrass Martins ~ Will You Travel down This Road with Me (Loveshine CD) Travel down This Road with Me (3:22)
Caney Creek ~ When I Get There (9 Lives CD) Cool Kentucky Rain (2:13)
Daniel Crabtree ~ The Scarlet Red Line (self-produced CD) The Gospel Road (3:33)
Marty Raybon ~ Prayer Bells of Heaven (Rural Rhythm CD) Southern Roots & Branches (3:17)

Pioneer Sacred Harp Singers ~ Promised Land (County CD) Religion Is a Fortune [Birmingham, AL. Vulcan. 1950s.] (3:27)
Bo Carter ~ Cigarette Blues (Classic Blues CD) The Essential Bo Carter [New Orleans, LA. Bluebird. 2/20/36.] (3:19)
Georgia Yellow Hammers ~ Going to Raise a Rucus Tonight (Document CD) v. 2 Bill Wishes He Was Single Again [Charlotte, NC. Victor. 8/9/27.] (2:57)
Mound City Slickers ~ Dull Chisel (Oceana CD) Made Good for You (3:30)

Jason & Pharis Romero ~ Chicken in the Barnyard (Lula CD) Back Up and Push (With Greg Canote.) (2:58)
Fletcher Bright & Bill Evans ~ Hannah in the Springhouse (Native & Fine CD) Songs That Are Mostly Older than Us (1:21)
Wood & Wire ~ Summertime Rolls (Blue Corn CD) North of Despair (1:57)
Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out ~ The Lowlands (Break a String CD) It’s About Time (4:16)
Red Allen ~ Out on the Ocean (Rebel CD) Keep on Going [Melodeon LP. 1965.] (2:29)

Balsam Range ~ Rise and Shine (Mountain Home CD) Mountain Voodoo (4:25)
Churchmen ~ The Good Samaritan (Mountain Fever CD) God Holds Tomorrow (3:05)
Lewis Family ~ My Closest Kin (Starday CD) Born of the Spirit [Singing Time Down South. 6/60.] (1:58)
Dezurik Sisters ~ Trail Herdin’ Cowboy (radio transcription) Cackle Sisters (1:26)
Burnette & Rutherford ~ Lost John (Document CD) Complete [Atlanta. Columbia. 11/6/26.] (2:59)

Puckett & McMichen ~ Slim Gal (Columbia 78) N/A [Atlanta. 4/14/28.] (3:05)
Alvis Massengale ~ Fisher’s Hornpipe (FRC CD) Mississippi Fiddle Music [Fiddler for the Newton County Hillbillies. 1970s.] (1:34)
Jason Cade & Rob McMaken ~ Hog-Eyed Man (Yodel-Ay-Hee CD) Hog-Eyed Man 3 (1:55)
David Bragger ~ Peter Francisco (Tiki Parlour CD) Big Fancy (2:10)
Sutphin & Levy ~ Boll Weevil (self-produced CD) Two Peas in a Pod (2:48)
J. T. Perkins ~ Orange Blossom Special (Davis Unlimited LP) Perkins Style Fiddling (4:00)

John Reischman & the Jaybirds ~ Going across the Sea (Corvus CD) Vintage & Unique (3:17)
Highwoods Stringband ~ Been All around This World (Rounder LP) Dance All Night (3:33)
Gentlemen of Bluegrass ~ Big Jim (Pinecastle CD) Carolina Memories (2:38)
T-Mart Rounders ~ Blue Eyed Davy (self-produced CD) T-Mart Rounders (2:30)
Gina Forsyth ~ Carroll County Blues (Waterbug CD) Copper Rooster (2:36)

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Playlist 4/5/2018

Bluegrass, Etc. Frank Hoppe 88.5 HD-2 Bluegrass Country Radio

Crooked Jades ~ California Blues (Copper Creek CD) The Unfortunate Rake v. 2 Yellow Mercury (1:21)
Lonesome River Band ~ As Lonesome as I Am (Mountain Home CD) Mayhayley’s House (2:52)
Holly Norman ~ Blackberry Cobbler (Freedom CD) Appalachian Angel (3:22)
Bobby Powell & Tim Jones ~ Darling, Please Come On Home (self-produced CD) Nothing So Blue (2:20
Shad Cobb & Charlie Cushman~ Will the Circle Be Unbroken (A Simple Life CD) Out of These Mountains (3:20)
Cedar Hill ~ On Hobo’s Wing (Nickletown CD) By Request, v. 1 (4:04)

Larry Cordle ~ God Had a Hand in It (MightyCord CD) Turn to Jesus (2:31)
Blind Willie Johnson ~ I Know His Blood Can Make Me Whole (Yazoo CD) Times Ain’t Like They Used to Be v. 3 [Dallas. Columbia. 12/3/27.] (3:06)
Dr. Smith’s Champion Hoss Hair Pullers ~ In the Garden where the Irish Potatoes Grow (County CD) Echoes of the Ozarks v. 2 [Memphis. 9/12/28.] (2:59)
Captain M. J. Bonner ~ Dusty Miller/Ma Ferguson (County CD) Old-Time Texas Stringbands v. 2 [Dallas. Victor. 10/14/29.] (3:01)
New North Carolina Ramblers ~ If I Lose, I Don’t Care (Old Blue CD) A Tribute to Charlie Poole (3:19)

Travis & Trevor Stuart ~ Lost Indian (Great Smoky Mountains CD) On Top of Old Smoky (2:06)
Blaine Smith & Florrie Stewart ~ Choctaw Bill (Jubilee CD) The Pine Breeze Recordings (2:57)
Jett’s Creek ~ Fences (Mountain Fever CD) The Wait Is Over (3:27)
Hammertowne ~ Scorcher Carroll’s Farm (Mountain Fever CD) Hillbilly Heroes (4:03)

Bill Monroe ~ Tall Pines (Bear Family CD) Bluegrass 1959-1969 [10/28/69.] (2:50)
Mike Compton ~ Dust and Ashes/He Rose from the Dead (Taterbug CD) Rotten Taters (3:46)
Country Gentlemen ~ Lord, I’m Ready to Go Home (Rebel LP) Calling My Children Home [1978.] (3:57)
Bobby Atkins & the Countrymen ~ Mountain Church (Old Homestead LP) Songs for Mama [1987.] (3:03)

Shirley Spalding ~ Somewhere in Dixie (Document CD) Country Music Pioneers on Edison [Amberol Cylinder. 9/15/22.] (3:36)
Earl Johnson & His Clodhoppers ~ Earl Johnson’s Arkansas Traveler (JSP CD) Country Fiddle [Atlanta. Okeh. 10/11/27.] (3:09)
Solomon & Hughes ~ Ragtime Annie (County CD) Old-Time Texas Stringbands v. 2 [Dallas. Victor. 10/14/29.] (3:01)
Tom & Ben Paley ~ The Devil and the Farmer’s Wife (Hornbeam CD) Paley & Son (4:16)

Ill-Mo Boys ~ Knoxville Rag (Marimac CS) Fine as Frog’s Hair (2:35)
Mark Tamsula & Richard Withers ~ Walter Ireland’s (Snappin’ Bug CD) Behind the Door (2:27)
Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice ~ The Mountains Are Calling Me Home (Mountain Fever CD) The Mountains Are Calling Me Home (3:08)
Amanda Cook ~ Midnight 402 (Mountain Fever CD) Deep Water (3:20)
Breaking Grass ~ Stay (Mountain Fever CD) Warning Signs (2:53)

Heidi & Ryan ~ Somebody’s Prayin’ (Mountain Fever CD) Heidi & Ryan (4:35)
Chosen Road ~ Blood Stained Bible (Poor Mountain CD) 2018 Radio Compilation v. 1 (3:27)
Allerton & Alton ~ What Would the Profit Be (Bear Family CD) Black, White and Bluegrass (1:26)
Alfred G. Karnes ~ When They Ring the Golden Bells (JSP CD) The Bristol Sessions [Victor. 7/29/27.] (3:07)

Grayson & Whitter ~ Handsome Molly (Document CD) v. 1 [NY. Gennett. 10/27.] (2:59)
Leake County Revelers ~ Bonnie Blue Eyes (Columbia 78) N/A [Test. 4/16/29.] (2:57)
Burl Hammons ~ “Farmer’s” Dream (Augusta Heritage CS) The Fiddling of Burl Hammons (0:54)
Sandy Bradley & the Gypsy Gyppo String Band ~ Kansas City Reel/Bill Cheatham (self-produced CD) Potluck & Dance Tonite! (6:28)

Christian Wig ~ Unnamed Swedish Tune (self-produced CD) Fiddling on the Frontier (3:57)
Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle ~ Drowned in Sorrow (Rural Rhythm CD) Time Won’t Wait (2:55)
Clay Hess ~ Cold and Lonely (Pinecastle CD) Winter 2018 Sampler (3:16)
Larry Stephenson Band ~ Kentucky Waltz (Whysper Dream CD) Weep Little Willow (3:52)

Johnny Campbell & the Bluegrass Drifters ~ Keep Your Eyes on Jesus (Let’s Pick CD) In the Heart of Old Kentucky (1:53)
Billy Droze ~ My Father’s Son (Rural Rhythm CD) To Whom It May Concern (3:15)
Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper ~ Thirty Pieces of Silver (Hickory LP) Family Favorites [1962.] (2:57)
Uncle Dave Macon ~ The Bible’s True (Bear Family CD) Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy [NY. Vocalion. 4/14/26.] (3:03)
Emry Arthur ~ She Lied to Me (County CD) Old-Time Music from Southwest Virginia [Grafton, WI. Paramount. 10/29.] (2:42)
Roy Harvey ~ Mother’s Waltz (Old Homestead CD) Early String Band Favorites [NY. Columbia. 4/22/30.] (3:00)

Fred Cockerham ~ Carroll County Blues (FRC CD) Fred Cockerham (2:36)
Rafe & Clelia Stefanini ~ Little White Lies (Old Willow Tree CD) Lady on the Green (2:11)
Spencer & Rains ~ Walk around My Bedside 1 (Tiki Parlour CD) The Skeleton Keys (3:44)
Nothin’ Fancy ~ Lonely Dancer (Mountain Fever CD) It’s a Good Feeling (3:04)
The High Bar Gang ~ Don’t This Road Look Rough and Rocky (True North CD) Someday the Heart Will Trouble the Mind (3:17)
Wayne Taylor ~ Off My Mind (Raincoe CD) Movin’ On (2:20)

Monday, April 2, 2018

Playlist 3/29/2018

Bluegrass, Etc. Frank Hoppe 88.5 HD-2 Bluegrass Country Radio

Crooked Jades ~ California Blues (Copper Creek CD) The Unfortunate Rake v. 2 Yellow Mercury (1:21)
Dewey & Leslie Brown and the Carolina Gentlemen ~ Those Old Mountains (self-produced CD Single) Those Old Mountains (3:23)
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver ~ Weep and Cry (Mountain Home CD) In Session (2:48)
Charlie Moore & the Dixie Partners ~ Amanda (Old Homestead LP) The Fiddler (2:36)
Michael & Jennifer McLain ~ I’m Ready to Go Home (Big Pick CD) Hit the Road and Go (3:49)

Bill Clifton ~ Standing Outside (Bear family CD) Around the World to Poor Valley (3:20)
Good Shepherd Quartet ~ Where No Cabins Fall (self-produced CD) When I Join the Happy Circle (4:08)
Delmore Brothers ~ Rounder’s Blues (JSP CD) Volume 2 [Chicago. Decca. 2/2/46.] (3:00)
Clayton McMichens’ Georgia Wildcats ~ Sweet Floreine (Columbia 78) N/A [Atlanta. 10/28/31.] (2:34)
Dock Walsh ~ In the Pines (Old Hat CD) In the Pines [Atlanta. Columbia. 4/17/26.] (3:08)

Glade City Rounders ~ Darlin Honey (self-produced CD) They’re After Us (2:44Lonesome Ace Stringband ~ Nancy till the Tape Runs Out (self-produced CD) Gone for Evermore (5:32)
Piedmont Melody Makers ~ I’ll Be There (Vigortone CD) Wonderful World Outside (2:11)
Wildfire ~ Nobody’s Love Is Like Mine (Pinecastle CD) Rented Room on Broadway (2:29)

NewTown ~ Floating Bridge (Pisgah Ridge CD) Time Machine (4:09)
Ted Lundy & the Southern Mountain Boys ~ Poor Ellen Smith (Old Blue CD) Ted Lundy & the Southern Mountain Boys (2:48)
Blue Highway ~ Top of the Ridge (Rounder CD) Original Traditional (3:49)
Sowell Family ~ Rest My Weary Feet (self-produced CD) Trust in the Lord (3:23)

E. C. Ball and Orna ~ Mother’s Prayers Were Not in Vain (Copper Creek CD) Through the Years (3:23)
Blue Sky Boys ~ I’m Just Here to get My Baby out of Jail (Bear Family CD) The Sunny Side of Life [Charlotte. Bluebird. 6/16/36.] (3:02)
Allen Brothers ~ Frisco Blues (JSP CD) Allen Brothers [Atlanta. Victor. 10/15/1928.] (2:51)
Williamson Brothers & Curry ~ Cumberland Gap (Document CD) Old-Time Music from West Virginia [St. Louis, MO. Okeh. 4/26/27.] (3:06)
Possum Hunters ~ Willie Moore (Takoma LP) In the Pines (4:09)

Allen Hart ~ Davenport (Voyager CD) Old-Time Banjo (1:33Palmer & Greg Loux ~ Washington’s March (Chubby Dragon CD) In Good Company (3:18)
Bryan Sutton ~ The More I Learn (Sugar Hill CD) The More I Learn (4:06)
O’Connor Band with Mark O’Connor ~ Old Black Creek (Rounder CD) Coming Home (3:36)

Bill Harrell & Don Reno ~ One Track Mind (Gusto CD) 20 Bluegrass Greats (2:29)
Shannon & Heather Slaughter ~ The Best Thing We Ever Did (Elite Circuit CD) Never Just a Song (2:42)
Buck Mountain Band ~ Waiting for the Boatman (Bent Trees CD) Bull at the Wagon (1:45)
Christian Quartet ~ Long Journey (Heritage LP) Dreams Won’t Compare (3:20)
Carter Family ~ On the Sea of Galilee (Bear Family CD) In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain [Camden, NJ. Victor. 6/17/33.] (3:10)

Kessinger Brothers ~ Polka Four (Document CD) Vol. 3 [NY. Brunswick. 6/26/29.] (2:59)
Dilly & His Dill Pickles ~ Sand Mountain Drag (Atlanta. Vocalion. 3/22/30.] (3:17)
Mel Durham ~ Coming through the Canebrake (Watermelon Pie CD) Skillet Fork (2:18)
Craver, Hicks, Watson & Newberry ~ Lowe Bonnie (Barker CD) You’ve Been a Friend to Me (3:23)
John Anderson & Tom Collins ~ Stay All Night (Fun Times CD) Tom and Jon Play Old Time Music (2:48)

Hartford Rice Clements ~ My Baby’s Gone (Small Dog a-Barkin’ CD) Hartford Rice Clement (2:26)
Robert Mabe ~ Bottle (Frogtown CD) Somewhere in the Middle (2:13)
Ralph Stanley ~ I’ve Got a Mule to Ride (Rebel CD) Great High Mountain (1:50)
Buzz Busby ~ Death’s Other Side (Webco LP) Yesterday and Today (2:19)
Lindsey Family ~ Man in the Middle (Lindsey Family CD) Crosses and Stones (3:13)
Feller & Hill ~ When Is He Coming Again (Blue Circle CD) Here Come Feller & Hill (2:44)

Red Fox Chasers ~ The Blind Man and His Child (Tompkins Square CD) I’m Going Down to NC [Richmond, IN. Gennett. 6/28/28.] (2:53)
Daddy John Love ~ Green Back Dollar (Old Homestead CD) Wade Mainer’s Mountaineers v. 1 [Atlanta. Bluebird. 8/6/35.] (3:20)
Narmour & Smith ~ Whistling “Farmer” (Document CD) V. 1 [Memphis. Okeh. 2/15/28.] (2:46)
Bucking Mules ~ Railroad (Free Dirt CD) Smoke behind the Clouds (2:02)
Cliff Perry & Laurel Bliss ~ Come Spring (Telegraph Music CD) Old Pal (3:54)

Tim O’Brien ~ Where the River Meets the Road (Howdy Skies CD) Where the River Meets the Road (3:27)
Edgar Loudermilk ~ It’s a Way of Life That Stands the Test of Time (Pinecastle CD single) It’s a Way of Life That Stands the Test of Time (2:21)
Nu-Blu ~ A Lot More Love (Voxhall CD) Vagabonds (3:40)
Owen “Snake” Chapman ~ Half Irish (Rounder Select CD) Walnut Gap (2:07)
WB & Bonnie ~ Honey Babe Blues (self-produced CD) Ryestraw (3:33)
Jimmy Triplett ~ Untitled Tune from Henry Reed (self-produced CD) Natural History (2:43)

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Playlist 3/22/2018

Bluegrass, Etc. Frank Hoppe 88.5 HD-2 Bluegrass Country Radio

Crooked Jades ~ California Blues (Copper Creek CD) The Unfortunate Rake v. 2 Yellow Mercury (1:21)
Gibson Brothers ~ Friend of Mine (Rounder CD) In the Ground (2:57)
Scott Brannon ~ Your Tears Are Just Interest on the Loan (Patuxent CD) Your Old Standby (2:50)
Backline ~ Lullaby (Poor Mountain CD) Lullaby [Listener request. New release.] (4:22)
Dale Ann Bradley ~ One More River (Pinecastle CD) Dale Ann Bradley (3:24)

Don Pedi ~ Trials, Troubles, Tribulations (Walnut Mountain CD) Walk with Me (2:24)
Forbes Family ~ Jesus, I’ll Never Forget (Rebel CD) A Forbes Family Treasury v. 2 (1:41)
Perry County Music Makers ~ Got a Buddy I Must See (BACM CD) The Vocalion Label [Knoxville, TN. 3/28/30.] (3:15)
Da Costa Woltz’s Southern Broadcasters ~ Lonesome Road Blues (Document CD) Complete [Richmond, IN. Gennett. C. 5/5/27.] (2:34)
Riley Puckett ~ You’d Be Surprised (Columbia 78) N/A [Atlanta. 10/2/25.] (2:43)
Dwight Lamb ~ Fox Chase (Missouri Valley Music CD) Old-Time Fiddle Classics (2:13)

Jim Childress ~ Square Peg (self-produced CD) Free Union (3:09)
Erynn Marshall ~ Laughing Girl (Dittyville CD) Greasy Creek (3:05)
Grascals ~ Sleepin’ with the Reaper (Mountain Home CD) Before Breakfast [New release.] (3:06)
Deer Creek Boys ~ Backwater (Mountain Fever CD) Midnight & Dawn (3:43)
Barrier Brothers ~ Gotta Travel On (BACM CD) Bluegrass Classics (2:24)

Remington Ryde ~ Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore (Pinecastle CD) A Storyteller’s Memory (4:33)
Bailes Brothers ~ Rocking on the Waves (Old Homestead LP) Family Reunion (3:20)
Washington Phillips ~ The Church Needs Good Deacons (Yazoo CD) I Am Born to Preach the Gospel (3:01)
Frank Blevins & His Tar Heel Rattlers ~ Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (Yazoo CD) Times Ain’t Like They Used to Be v. 1 [Atlanta. Columbia. 11/8/27.] (3:03)

Luther B. Clarke with the Blue Ridge Highballers ~ Wish to the Lord I Had Never Been Born (Columbia 78) N/A [NY. 3/24/26.] (3:00)
Paul Hamblin ~ The Strawberry Roan (Yazoo CD) When I Was a Cowboy v. 2 [Culver City, CA. Victor. 3/21/30.] (2:31)
Alan Jabbour & Stephen Wade ~ Stony Point/Shoes and Stockings (Patuxent CD) Americana Concert (9:00)

Bruce Molsky ~ Brothers and Sisters (Tiki Parlour CD) Can’t Stay Here This a-Way (5:20)
Kevin Fore ~ Sally Goodin (Round Peak Banjos CD) Frolic in Round Peak (2:48)
Brad Hudson ~ Rambler’s Song (Pinecastle CD) Next New Heartbreak (3:32)

Terry Baucom’s Dukes of Drive ~ On the Road Forever (JohnBoy & Billy CD) 4th & Goal (2:30)
Howdy Forrester ~ Brilliancy (SpringFed CD) The MGM Recordings (2:02)
Churchmen ~ It Works for Me (Mountain Fever CD) God Holds Tomorrow (2:38)
Price Sisters ~ God’s Beautiful Hills (Rebel CD) A Heart Never Knows (2:54)
Melissa Beck ~ He’s Everywhere (self-produced CD) Make a Joyful Noise (3:18)

Delmore Brothers ~ I’m Leaving You (Decca 78) N/A [NY. 7/16/41.] (2:31)
Carter Family ~ Forsaken Love (Bear Family CD) In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain [Camden, NJ. Victor. 5/10/28.] (2:59)
Clyde Evans Band ~ How I Got My Gal (Columbia 78) N/A [Atlanta.11/4/29.] (2:49)
Alan Kaufman & Don Stratton ~ Cornish Point (Pea Patch CD) All in Good Time (1:55)
Lynn “Chirps” Smith ~ Rabbit in the Woodpile (Marimac CS) Prairie Dog (2:19)
High Ridge Ramblers ~ Bonaparte Crossing the Alps (self-produced CD) Long Road (3:15)

Earls of Leicester ~ The Girl I Love Don’t Pay Me No Mind (Rounder CD) Rattle & Roar (2:51)
Big Country Bluegrass ~ A Heart Is Like a River (Rebel CD) Country Livin’ (3:33)
Flatt & Scruggs ~ I Hung My Head and Cried (Bear Family CD) 1959-1963 (2:40)
Tim Smith & Friends ~ I’m a Pilgrim (TRS CD) Volume 2 (3:31)
Lorraine Jordan & Susanna Jordan Langdon ~ The Sweetest Gift (self-produced CD) Gospel Favorites (2:38)

Carl Nelson & His Fiddle ~ Family Bible (Webco LP) On Pine Lake (3:10)
Scottdale String Band ~ Carbolic Rag (JSP CD) Serenade in the Mountains [Atlanta. Okeh. 3/21/27.] (3:17)
Basil May ~ The Lady of Carlisle (Yazoo CD) The Music of Kentucky v.2 [Lomax. 1937.] (3:43)
Arthur Tanner ~ Soldier’s Joy (JSP CD) Paramount Old Time [NY. C. 6/25.] (2:52)
Albert Hash & the Whitetop Mountain Band ~ Great Physician (Mountain LP) Winebarger’s Mill (1:25)

Wandering Ramblers ~ Jack Wilson (Yodel-Ay-Hee CS) Rambling & Wandering (2:20)
Magnolia Serenaders ~ Get Off Your Money (self-produced CD) Saturday Night Breakdown (2:18)
Chris Jones & the Night Drivers ~ Shelby 8 (Mountain Home CD) Run Away Tonight (3:21)
Flashback ~ Autumn’s Not That Cold (Pinecastle CD) Foxhounds and Fiddles (3:38)
Walter Couch & Wilks Ramblers ~ Chesapeake Bay (JSP CD) Mountain Frolic [Charlotte, NC. Bluebird. 2/17/37.] (3:03)
Stuart Brothers ~ Polly Put the Kettle On (Tiki Parlour CD) The Stuart Brothers (2:21)
New Ballard’s Branch Bogtrotters ~ Lost Girl (self-produced CD) Bogtrotter Blues (2:36)

Playlist 3/15/2018

Bluegrass, Etc. Frank Hoppe 88.5 HD-2 Bluegrass Country Radio

Crooked Jades ~ California Blues (Copper Creek CD) The Unfortunate Rake v. 2 Yellow Mercury (1:21)
Hammertowne ~ Hillbilly Heroes (Mountain Fever CD) HillBilly Heroes (3:27)
Kim Robins ~ Stone Cold Blue (Pinecastle CD) Raining in Baltimore (2:45)
Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers ~ The Last Old Shovel (Rebel CD) The Story We Tell (2:44)
Wilson Banjo Co. ~ Ain’t No Grave (Bonfire CD) Spirits in the Hills (4:13)

J. D. Messer & Sanctified ~ When I Step Out (Kindred CD) Coal Miner’s Prayer (1:47)
Louvin Brothers ~ Insured beyond the Grave (Bear Family CD) Close Harmony [Nashville. MGM. 5/20/52.] (2:42)
Carter Family ~ I Have No One to Love Me (Bear Family CD) In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain [Camden, NJ. Victor. 5/10/28.] (3:25)
Pope’s Arkansas Mountaineers ~ Get Along Home, Miss Cindy (Dust to Digital CD) Arkansas at 78 RPM [Memphis. Victor. 2/6/28.] (3:25)
Morris Brothers ~ It’s Blues (BACM CD) Salty Dog Blues [Atlanta. Bluebird. 8/24/39.] (2:30)

Buckhannon Brothers ~ Southern Beauties (Music Masters CD) Little River Stomp (2:42)
Jason Cade & Rob McMaken ~ Old Hen She Cackled (Yodel-Ay-Hee CD) Hog-Eyed Man 3 (2:04)
Ephemeral Stringband ~ Lost Girl (self-produced CD) Land of Rest (3:45)
Nu-Blu ~ The Bridges that You’ve Burned (Voxhall CD) Vagabonds (2:39)
Ash Breeze ~ Blue Skies and Cloudy Days (Mountain Fever CD) Ash Breeze (4:07)

Jimmy Martin ~ Rock Hearts (Bear Family CD) Jimmy Martin & the Sunny Mountain Boys [Nashville. Decca. 2/19/58] (2:03)
Country Gentlemen ~ The Place Prepared for Me (Rebel LP) Calling My Children Home (2:16)
Larry Cordle ~ This Blood’s for You (MightyCord CD) Turn to Jesus (3:44)
HillWilliams ~ By the Mark (self-produced CD) A Beautiful Life (3:09)

Lulu Belle & Scotty ~ Sugar Babe (Conqueror 78) N/A [Myrtle Eleanor Cooper & Scott Wiseman. Chicago. 10/30/35.] (2:29)
Clayton McMichen & Riley Puckett ~ Done Gone (Columbia 78) N/A [Atlanta. 4/21/30.] (3:04)
Earl Johnson & His Clodhoppers ~ I Get My Whiskey from Rockingham (JSP CD) Country Fiddle [Atlanta. Okeh. 10/7/27.] (3:01)
Tallboys ~ Rain and Snow (self-produced CD) Fresh Daily (4:23)

Spencer & Rains ~ Mississippi Snagboat (Tiki Parlour CD) Spotted Pony (3:26)
Martha Burns ~ Give Me Your Love and I’ll Give You Mine (self-produced CD) Old-Time Songs (2:53)
Travers Chandler & Avery County ~ One Kiss Away from Loneliness (Mountain Fever CD) Pardon Me… (3:59)
Rob Benzing ~ Monocacy Crossing (Patuxent CD) Rob Benzing (3:05)
Larry Rice ~ Deportee (Rebel LP) Hurricanes and Daydreams (3:30)

Summer Brooke & Mountain Fever ~ Who Will You Be (Mountain Fever CD) Small Town Life (3:27)
Carolina Blue ~ Are You Living Right (Poor Mountain CD) Sounds of Kentucky Grass (2:26)
Born Again Bluegrass Band ~ I Share the Victory (self-produced LP) Born Again Bluegrass Band ( (2:47)
Vernon Dalhart ~ My Mother’s Old Red Shawl (Columbia 78) N/A [NY. 1/15/26.] (2:43)
Fisher Hendley & His Carolina Tar Heels ~ Hook and Line (BACM CD) The Vocalion Label [NY. 8/11/33.] (3:02)

Floyd County Ramblers ~ Granny Will Your Dog Bite? (JSP CD) Serenade in the Mountains [NY. Victor. 8/29/30.] (3:12)
Ross County Farmers ~ Dixie Blues (Marimac CS) Farmer’s Frolic [Lonnie Seymour,f ( Tony Ellis, bv ( Jeff Goehring, gv. 1987.] (3:03)
Matt Brown & Greg Reish ~ Yellow Dog Blues (self-produced CD) Speed of the Plow (3:23)
Joshua Goforth & Hilary Dirlam ~ Benton’s Dream (LTA CD) Basic Ingredients (2:00)
Michael Cleveland ~ Lonesome Desert (Compass CD) Fiddler’s Dream (3:21)

Bluegrass Unit ~ Mississippi River Raft (TBU CD) Setlist Vol. 1 (3:00)
Salt and Light ~ There’s a Fork in the Road (Whale Tone CD) Second Course (2:34)
Bankesters ~ When I Die (Compass CD) Nightbird (2:54)
Kenny Jackson ~ Rochelle Waltz (Crow Hill CD) The Shortest Day (3:52)
Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith ~ Goin’ to Town (County CD) Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith & His Dixieliners [Charlotte, NC. Bluebird. 8/3/37.] (2:40)

Dykes’ Magic City Trio ~ Callahan’s Reel (County CD) Old-Time Music from Southwest Virginia [NY. Vocalion. 3/10/27.] (3:02)
Stripling Brothers ~ New Born Blues (Document CD) Vol. 1 [Chicago. Vocalion. 8/19/29.] (3:04)
Jim Lloyd ~ Forked Deer (self-produced CD) Play Guitar in 7 Days (2:10)
Ken & Brad Kolodner ~ The Orchard (Fenchurch CD) Skipping Rocks (2:25)
Barry Shultz ~ Now I Am Returning (self-produced CS) In the Middle of the Night when the Catfish Bite (2:39)

Modock Rounders ~ Boating Up Sandy (Buffalo Skinner CD) Old Tunes & New Blood (2:11)
Blue Mafia ~ Loneliness & Desperation (Pinecastle CD) Hanging Tree (3:04)
Skip Gorman ~ Sitting in the Stern of a Boat (Old West CD) Mandolin in the Cow Camp (2:36)
Ron Cody ~ Backstreet (self-produced CD) The Cooper Sessions (3:00)
Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller ~ Yellow Barber (Deep End Sessions CD) Volume II (2:49)
Hylo Brown ~ There’s More Pretty Girls than One (Bear Family CD) & the Timberliners [Nashville. Capitol. 5/29/57.] (2:34)
John Ashby ~ Katy Hill (Field Recorders’ Collective CD) & the Free State Ramblers (3:11)

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Playlist 3/8/2018

Bluegrass, Etc. Frank Hoppe 88.5 HD-2 Bluegrass Country Radio

Crooked Jades ~ California Blues (Copper Creek CD) The Unfortunate Rake v. 2 Yellow Mercury (1:21)
Nothin’ Fancy ~ It’s a Good Feeling (Mountain Fever CD) It’s a Good Feeling (2:53)
Ron Block ~ Gentle Annie (self-produced CD) Hogan’s House of Music [featuring Tim Crouch.] (2:43)
Vern & Ray ~ I Wonder Where You Are Tonight (Arhoolie CD) San Francisco 1968 (3:07)
Feller & Hill ~ Lord Help Me Decide (Rural Rhythm CD) Brothers and Heroes (2:50)
Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle ~ Safe in His Arms (Rural Rhythm CD) Time Won’t Wait (3:50)

Daniel Crabtree ~ Jesus, Won’t You Guide Me (self-produced CD) The Gospel Road (4:00)
Alfred G. Carnes ~ Called to the Foreign Field (JSP CD) Mountain Gospel [Bristol, TN. Victor. 7/29/27.] (3:11)
Fruit Jar Guzzlers ~ Fox in the Mountains (JSP CD) Paramount Old Time [Chicago. c. 3/28.] (3:07)
Bascom Lamar Lunsford ~ Fate of Santa Barbara (JSP CD) Mountain Frolic [Ashville, NC. Okeh. c. 8/27-9/25.] (3:00)

Marcus Martin ~ Gray Eagle (Southern Folklife Collection CD) When I Get My New House Done (4:08)
Galax Bogtrotters ~ Ship in the Clouds (Dittyville CD) Old Time Jubilations (1:46)
Rhiannon Giddens ~ The Angels Laid Him Away (Nonesuch CD) Freedom Highway (2:31)
Mark Kuykendall & Bobby Hicks ~ Love and Wealth (Rebel CD) Down Memory Lane (2:55)
Volume Five ~ When I Go Away (Mountain Fever CD) Drifter (4:16)

Mark Johnson & Emory Lester ~ Browntown Road (Bangtown CD) Acoustic Vision (2:02)
The Farwells ~ Little White Robe (Tin Halo CD) The Farwells (2:13)
Lorraine Jordan ~ Me and God (self-produced CD) Gospel Favorites (2:48)
Bobby Powell & Tim Jones ~ Moses, Free My Children (self-produced CD) Nothing So Blue (3:16)
Carter Family ~ Wildwood Flower (Bear Family CD) In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain [Camden, NJ. Victor. 5/10/28.] (3:12)

Tenneva Ramblers ~ Miss Liza, Poor Gal (JSP CD) The Bristol Sessions (Victor. 8/4/27.] (2:40)
Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers ~ Cumberland Gap on a Buckin’ Mule (JSP CD) Gid Tanner [San Antonio, TX. Bluebird. 3/29/34.] (3:00)
Blaine Smith & Florrie Stewart ~ Jeff Davis (Jubilee CD) The Pine Breeze Recordings (3:44   )
Sky Island Stringband ~ Fisherman’s Girl (Bemlar CD) Adventures in Old Cranberry (2:03)
Delnora Reed ~ Over the Waterfall (self-produced CD) Reed’s Roots (1:30)

Danny Barnes ~ Isotope 709 (Wendell World CD) Stove Up (2:27)
Darin & Brooke Aldridge ~ Still Falling (Mountain Home CD) Faster and Farther (3:59)
Tim Gardner ~ Katy Hill (Coyote Ridge CD) Timmetry (2:27)
Jimmy Gaudreau & Elle Mears ~ You Go to Your Church and I’ll Go to Mine (Songside CD) Give Us Strength (2:38)
Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys ~ Going Up Home to Live in Green Pastures (Stanleytone CD) Live at Watermelon Park 1969 (3:40)

Bobby Atkins & the Countrymen ~ Peace and Happiness (Old Homestead LP) Songs for Mama (2:40)
Jules Allen ~ The Gal I Left behind Me (Yazoo CD) When I Was a Cowboy v. 2 [El Paso. Victor. 4/30/28.] (2:38)
Deford Bailey ~ Alcoholic Blues (County CD) Nashville v. 2 [NY. Brunswick. 4/19/27.] (2:53)
Fiddling Bob Larkin & His Music Makers ~ The Higher up the Monkey Climbs (Dust to Digital CD) Arkansas at 78 RPM Memphis. Okeh. [2/22/28.] (3:02)
Uncle Shuffelo & His Haint Hollow Hootenanny ~ I’ll Rise when the Rooster Crows (self-produced CD) Promoting the Preservation of Old-Time Music (3:17)

David Holt ~ The Girl I Love Don’t Pay Me No Mind (Great Smoky Mountains CD) On Top of Old Smoky (2:38)
Sutphin & Levy ~ Wesley’s Tune (self-produced CD) Two Peas in a Pod [New release. With Eddie Bond.] (3:06)
Lonesome River Band ~ Wrong Road Again (Mountain Home CD) Mayhayley’s House (2:41)
Darrell Webb Band ~ Mountain Dan Mix (Mountain Fever CD) Lover’s Leap (3:03)

Hamilton County Ramblers ~ I Just Came Back to Say Goodbye (self-produced CD) Hamilton County Ramblers (3:28)
Sowell Family Pickers ~ Send the Angels Down (Poor Mountain CD) Shadowlands (4:03)
Mile Twelve ~ Call My Soul (Delores the Taurus CD) Onwards (3:53)
Last Whippoorwill Bluegrass Band ~ Crying Holy (Propert CD) Lucky 13 (2:37)

Fred & Gertrude Gossett ~ All the Good Times Are Passed and Gone (Columbia 78) N/A [Atlanta. 4/16/30.] (3:11)
Emry Arthur ~ Reuben Oh Reuben (Yazoo CD) The Music of Kentucky (3:00)
Dock Boggs ~ Hard Luck Blues (JSP CD) Clarence Ashley [NY. 3/10/27.] (2:57)
Lester & Linda McCumbers ~ Hard to Love (Buffalo Skinner CD) Nicut (2:51)
Traynham Family ~ Pretty Little Girl (Southern Mountain Melodies CD) Merry Mountain Hoedown (2:08)
Cathy Grant ~ Rock Andy (self-produced CD) Joy Ride (2:32)

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver ~ Kids These Days (Mountain Home CD) Life Is a Story (3:27)
Billy Droze ~ Kentucky Blue (Rural Rhythm CD) To Whom It May Concern (3:28)
Curly Seckler ~ Bluegrass, Don’t You Know (Copper Creek CD) Bluegrass, Don’t You Know (2:56)
Cedar Hill ~ Journey of Faith (self-produced CD) By Request v. 1 (3:50)
Flatt Lonesome ~ Happy Till he Comes (Mountain Home CD) Silence in These Walls (3:08)
Spencer & Rains ~ Get Up in the Cool (Tiki Parlour CD) The Skeleton Keys (3:42)
Mark Tamsula & Richard Withers ~ Whiskey (Snappin’ Bug CD) Behind the Door (2:46)