Thursday, February 22, 2018

Playlist 2/22/2018

Bluegrass, Etc. Frank Hoppe 88.5 HD-2 Bluegrass Country Radio

Crooked Jades ~ California Blues (Copper Creek CD) The Unfortunate Rake v. 2 Yellow Mercury (1:21)
Gibson Brothers ~ Fool’s Hill (Rounder CD) In the Ground (3:30)
Darrell Webb Band ~ Orphan Annie (Mountain Fever CD) Lover’s Leap (2:50)
Audie Blaylock & Redline ~ Life without a Spare (Patuxent CD) The Road that Winds (3:14)
Tim O’Brien ~ When the Mist Clears Away (Howdy Skies CD) Where the River Meets the Road (3:51)

Lorraine Jordan ~ Me and God (self-produced CD) Gospel Favorites (2:48)
Larry Richardson & the Blue Ridge Boys ~ I’ll Meet You in Church Sunday Morning (Old Blue CD) With Buddy Pendleton [1965.] (2:11)
Carter Family ~ I Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow (Bear Family CD) In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain [Camden, NJ. Victor (5/10/28.] (2:45)
Hall Brothers ~ My Girl Has Gone and Left Me (Bluebird 78) N/A [Charlotte, NC. 2/16/37.] (2:50)
Georgia Yellow Hammers ~ All Old Bachelors Are Hard to Keep (Document CD) Bill Wishes He Was Single Again v. 2 [Charlotte, NC. Victor. 8/9/27.] (3:07)

Blaine Smith & Florrie Stewart ~ A Bottle of Wine and Gingercake (Jubilee CD) The Pine Breeze Recordings (1:59)
Chris Coole ~ The Tumbling River (Northern CD) The Tumbling River (4:04)
Cliff Perry & Laurel Bliss ~ My Clinch Mountain Home (Telegraph CD) Old Pal (4:12)
Jimmy Martin & the Sunny Mountain Boys ~ Ocean of Diamonds (Bear Family CD) Jimmy Martin [Nashville. Decca. 2/19/58.] (2:35)
Paul Kovac ~ Carry On (Yodel-Ay-Hee CD) Ohio Bluegrass (2:27)

Boxcars ~ Branchville Line (Mountain Home CD) Familiar with the Ground (2:30)
Jeff Scroggins & Colorado ~ Down the Road of Life (self-produced CD) Ramblin Feels Good (2:37)
Heidi & Ryan ~ There’s a Fire Down Yonder (Mountain Fever CD) Heidi & Ryan (2:54)
Lindsey Family ~ Wayward Son (self-produced CD) Crosses & Stones (3:32)
Jack Pickell ~ When They Ring the Golden Bells (Columbia 78) N/A [Atlanta. 9/29/25.] (3:24)

East Texas Serenaders ~ Meadow Brook Waltz (Document CD) East Texas Serenaders [Dallas. Brunswick. 10/27/29.] (3:08)
Oaks Family ~ Wake Up You Drowsy Sleeper (Yazoo CD) Times Ain’t Like They Used to Be [Memphis. Victor. 6/4/30.] (2:58)
Lester & Linda McCumbers ~ Leather Britches (Buffalo Skinner CD) Nicut (2:01)
Alan Hart ~ Marching through Georgia (Voyager CD) Old-Time Banjo (3:59)
Craig Johnson ~ Take This Hammer (5-String Productions CD) Away down the Road (3:41))

Runaway Freight ~ John Hardy (SwitchTrack CD) Hillbilly Bailout (2:26)
Dailey & Vincent ~ Where’ve You Been (Rounder CD) Brothers of the Highway (4:02)
Robert Mabe ~ Madeline’s Alright (Frogtown CD) Somewhere in the Middle (2:17)

Tim Connell & Eric Skye ~ I Am a Pilgrim (Half Diminished CD) June Apple (5:09)
Darin & Brooke Aldridge ~ Sacred Lamb (Mountain Home CD) Faster and Farther (3:12)
Doc Williams Family ~ Mansion over the Hilltop (Old Homestead CD) Sacred Favorites (2:42)
Bird’s Kentucky Corn Crackers ~ Crossed Old Jordan’s Stream (JSP CD) Mountain Gospel [Louisville, KY. Victor. 6/16/31.] (3:10)

Jules Allen ~ The Gal I Left behind Me (Yazoo CD) When I Was a Cowboy v. 2 [El Paso. Victor. 4/30/28.] (2:38)
Wilmer Watts & the Lonely Eagles ~ Cotton Mill Blues (JSP CD) Paramount Old Time [NY. c. 10/29.] (3:02)
Ward Jarvis ~ I’m Going Round This World Baby Mine (David A. Brose DAT) Field Recordings 1978-1980 (2:06)
Bruce Greene ~ Froggie Went A’Courting (Hellbendre Press CD) River in Time (4:52)
Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin ~ Come, All You Young Ladies (Great Smoky Mountains CD) On Top of Old Smoky (3:02)

Cedar Hill ~ Just Wanna Write a Bluegrass Song (Blue Circle CD) I’ve Got a Thing about Doors (3:04)
Larry Sparks ~ Kentucky Moon (Rebel CD) The Coldest Part of Winter)
Lawson & Williams ~ Abigail (Mountain Home CD) Chapter 3 (3:49)
Sowell Family Pickers ~ Three Wooden Crosses (self-produced CD) Trust in the Lord (3:39)
Stanley Brothers ~ How Can We Thank Him for What He Has Done (Starday/Varese Sarabande CD) The Essential Gospel Masters (2:29)

Chattahoochie Sacred Harp Singers ~ Granville 547 (self-produced CD) 150th Chattahoocie Convention (1:32)
Blind Alfred Reed ~ I Mean to Live for Jesus (JSP CD) The Bristol Sessions [Victor. 7/28/27 (2:54)
Dykes Magic City Trio ~ Golden Slippers (JSP CD) Clarence Ashley [NY. Brunswick. 3/11/27.] (3:02)
Emry Arthur ~ She Lied to Me (County CD) Old-Time Music from Southwest Virginia [Grafton, WI. Paramount. 10/29.] (2:42)
Alice Gerrard & Beverly Smith ~ Who’s That Knocking at My Window? (self-produced CD) The Cherry Tree (3:07)

Molsky’s Mountain Drifters ~ Isambard’s Waltz (Tree Frog CD) Molsky’s Mountain Serenaders (3:05)
Paper Wings ~ Rush Creek (self-produced CD) Paper Wings (3:06)
Terry Baucom’s Dukes of Drive ~ Mary’s Rock (JohnBoy & Billy CD) 4th & Goal (3:12)
Chris Jones & the Night Drivers ~ Wake Up Little Maggie (Rebel CD) Lonely Comes Easy (2:42)
Tim Gardner ~ Denver Belle (Coyote Ridge CD) Timmetry (2:36)

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Playlist 2/15/2018

Bluegrass, Etc. Frank Hoppe - 88.5 HD-2 Bluegrass Country Radio

Crooked Jades ~ California Blues (Copper Creek CD) The Unfortunate Rake v. 2 Yellow Mercury (1:21)
Jeff White ~ Right beside You (self-produced CD) Right beside You (3:22)
Sideline ~ Mountain Song (Mountain Fever CD) Session 2 (3:35)
Stanley Brothers ~ Thinking of the Old Days (Copper Creek CD) Shadows of the Past (3:07)
Elkville String Band ~ Shall We Gather at the River (Mountain Roads CD) Over the Mountain)

E. C. Ball & Orna ~ Warfare (Copper Creek CD) Through the Years (3:12)
Prairie Acre ~ Salvation (self-produced CD) Jaybird and the Sparrow Hawk (3:20)
The Four Wanderers ~ The Fault’s in Me (Yazoo CD) Timees Ain’t Like They Used to Be [NY. Victor. 9/17/29.] (3:13)
Dezurik Sisters ~ A Spanish Cavalier (mp3) 1940s “Checkerboard Time” radio transcription (1:12)
Frank Jenkins’ Pilot Mountaineers ~ The Railroad Flagman’s Sweetheart (Document CD) Complete [Richmond, IN. Gennett. 9/12/29.] (3:05)

Bob Walters ~ The Bell Cow (Missouri State Old-Time Fiddler’s Association CD) The Champion (1:24)
Lewis Thomasson ~ Coke County (Old Blue CD) Old Texas Fiddle Tunes Played the Old Way [Arlington, TX. 1969 or 1971.] (1:55)
Jim Watson ~ Prairie Lullaby (Barker CD) This World Would Be All Sunshine (3:35)
Michael Cleveland ~ Unwanted Love (Compass CD) Fiddler’s Dream (2:52)
Volume Five ~ 95 Years (Mountain Fever CD) Drifter (2:54)

Stuart Wyrick ~ Walking the Floor (Rural Rhythm CD) East Tennessee Sunrise (2:45)
Virginia Ramblers ~ O Lord (Hay Holler CD) The Virginia Ramblers (4:11)
Kyle & Walter Bailes ~ Out of Darkness (Old Homestead LP) I’ve Got My One Way Ticket [1976.] (2:04)
Piedmont Melody Makers ~ Troublesome Waters (Vigortone CD) Wonderful World Outside (4:36)

Red Fox Chasers ~ Mississippi Sawyer (JSP CD) Gennett Old Time Music [Richmond, IN. 6/28/28.] (3:10)
Kessinger Brothers ~ Sopping the Gravy (Document CD) v. 3 [NY. Brunswick. 6/25/29.] (2:45)
Fruit Jar Guzzlers ~ C & O Whistle (JSP CD) Paramount Old Time Recordings [Chicago. 3/28.] (3:08)
John Morgan Salyer ~ Vance No More (Appalachian Center CS) Home Recordings 1941-1942 v. 1 (2:12)
Dust Busters ~ Johnny Booker (Smithsonian Folkways CD) Old Man Below (3:16)

Fox Hunt ~ Bigger Man (Big House/Skull City CD) West Virginia String Band (5:21)
Grascals ~ Autumn Glen (Mountain Home CD) and then there’s this… (2:50)
Frank Solivan ~ Dark Hollow (Compass CD) Family Friends & Heroes (4:12)
Too Blue ~ Turnpike Reel (self-produced CD) Trouble with the Grey (2:32)

Bankesters ~ Never Give the Devil a Ride (Compass) Nightbird (3:14)
Amanda Cook ~ Come to Jesus (Mountain Fever CD) Deep Water (4:45)
Churchmen ~ Alone on a Hill (Mountain Fever CD) God Holds Tomorrow (3:14)
Alfred G. Karnes ~ We Shall All Be Reunited (JSP CD) Mountain Gospel [Bristol, TN. Victor. 10/28/28.] (2:59)

Mississippi Sheiks ~ Kind Treatment (Yazoo CD) Stop and Listen [Columbia. 10/24/31.] (3:17)
Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers ~ Mississippi Sawyer (JSP CD) Gid Tanner [San Antonio, TX. Columbia. 3/29/34.] (3:05)
Sky Island Stringband ~ Just over the Mountain (Bemlar CD) Adventures in Old Cranberry (2:48)
Tom Collins & Jon Anderson ~ Susananna Gal (Fun Times CD) Tom & Jon Play Old Time Music (2:39)
Howdy Forrester & John Hartford ~ Tumbling Creek Liza Jane (Spring Fed CD) Home Made Sugar and a Puncheon Floor [1986.] (2:04)

Hammertowne ~ Don’t Ever Cross a Moonshine Man (Mountain Fever CD) Hillbilly Heroes (3:46)
Jeff Autry ~ A Thing Called Love (Pinecastle CD) Foothills (2:45)
Traditional Grass ~ Back to Hancock County (Rebel CD) The Blues Are Still the Blues (3:02)
Balsam Range ~ Rise and Shine (Mountain Home CD) Mountain Voodoo (4:25)

Brent Rochester Family ~ He Heard My Simple Plea (self-produced CD) Lead Me to Calvary (3:53)
Hamilton County Ramblers ~ Hard Times (Bygabbled CD) Hamilton County Ramblers (2:25)
Carter Family ~ Will You Miss Me when I’m Gone (Bear Family CD) In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain [Victor. 5/10/28.] (2:45)
Riley Puckett ~ Ole Faithful (Old Homestead CD) Old Time Greats Vol. 2 [Charlotte, NC. Bluebird. 2/14/36.] (2:56)
Dock Boggs ~ Pretty Polly (JSP CD) Clarence Ashley [NY. Brunswick. 3/10/27.] (3:04)

Earl Collins ~ Cruel Willie (Briar LP) That’s Earl (2:40)
Jason Cade & Rob McMaken ~ Happy Hollow (Yodel-Ay-Hee CD) Hog-Eyed Man 2 (2:49)
Wildmans ~ Wandering Thoughts (Patuxent CD) Wandering Thoughts (3:57)
Norman Blake ~ Sweet Heaven when I Die (Takoma CD) Takoma-Plus One (3:51)


Saturday, February 10, 2018

Playlist 2/8/2018

Bluegrass, Etc. Frank Hoppe - 88.5 HD-2 Bluegrass Country Radio

Crooked Jades ~ California Blues (Copper Creek CD) The Unfortunate Rake v. 2 Yellow Mercury (1:21)
Flashback ~ Camp Forest Days (Pinecastle CD) Foxhounds and Fiddles (2:14)
Kevin Prater Band ~ Hicker Nut Ridge (Patuxent CD) All I Ever Wanted (2:58)
Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass ~ Grey Eagle (Patuxent CD) Weary River (4:10)
Flatt & Scruggs ~ Let the Church Roll (Bear Family CD) 1953-1063 [Merle Travis, Buck Graves & Paul Warren] (2:31)
Sowell Family Pickers ~ Nothin’ Can Hold Me Here (self-produced CD) Trust in the Lord (2:20)
John Gallagher & Scott Prouty ~ Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah (June Appal CD) The Very Day I’m Gone (1:19)

Washington Phillips ~ I Am Born to Preach the Gospel (Yazoo CD) I Am Born to Preach the Gospel [Dallas. Columbia. 12/4/28.] (3:07 )
Dilly & His Dill Pickles ~ Hell amongst the Yearlings (Document CD) John Dilleshaw [Atlanta. Vocalion. 3/22/30.] (3:22)
Stripling Brothers ~ Kennedy Rag (Document CD) v. 1 [Chicago. Vocalion.8/19/29.] (2:54)
Jimmy Triplett ~ The Red Buck (self-produced CD) Natural History (2:32)
Crooked Road Ramblers ~ Sally Ann (self-produced CD) Mule to Ride (2:36)
Travis & Trevor Stuart ~ The Grey Eagle (Old 97 Wrecords CD) Mountaineer (2:08)

Bill Monroe ~ Walk Softly on My Heart (Bear Family CD) Bluegrass 1959-1969 [10/28/69.] (2:35)
Mike Barnett ~ Old Barnes (Compass CD) Portraits in Fiddles (3:38)
Travers Chandler ~ Ramblin’ Fever (Patuxent CD) Archaic (3:04)
Sideline ~ You Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone (Mountain Fever CD) Colors & Crossroads (2:55)

Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice ~ Money Will Not Save You (Mountain Fever CD) The Mountains Are Calling Me Home (3:32)
Lindsey Family ~ Nail It to the Cross (self-produced CD) Crosses and Stones (3:27)            
Doc Hopkins & His Country Boys ~ He’s the Lily of the Valley (British Archive of Country Music CD) v. 2 [Chicago. 1944.] (1:55)

Blue Sky Boys ~ In the Hills of Roane County (Bear Family CD) The Sunny Side of Life [Atlanta. Bluebird. 10/7/40.] (3:24)
Grayson & Whitter ~ On the Banks of the Old Tennessee (County CD) The Recordings of Grayson & Whitter [Memphis. Victor.9/30/29.] (3:01)
John Ashby & the Free State Ramblers ~ Fox Chase Reel (County LP) Gone to the Free State (3:00)
Sheila Kay Adams ~ Mole in the Ground (Great Smoky Mountains Association CD) On Top of Old Smoky (3:42)
Mac & Jenny Traynham ~ Red Mountain Wine (Mountain Fever CD) Never Grow Old (3:26)

Reno & Smiley ~ Emotions (Rebel CD) Together Again [Rome. 1971.] (3:22)
Charlie Sizemore ~ Watering Poison Ivy (Rebel CD) Back Home (2:40)
Jerry Salley ~ Front Porch Philosophy (Very Jerry CD) Front Porch Philosophy (3:07)
Larry Cordle ~ The Old Thing’s Walkin’ About (MightyCord CD) Give Me Jesus (3:37)
Wilson Brothers ~ After Awhile It Will All Be Over (Old Homestead LP) Preach the Word (2:49)

Charlie Monroe ~ You’ll Find Her Name Written There (Bear Family CD) I’m Old Kentucky Bound [1951.] (2:43)
Blue Ridge Mountain Singers ~ I’ll Remember You Love in My Prayers (Columbia 78) N/A [Atlanta. 4/21/30.] (2:52)
Carolina Tar Heels ~ Hand in Hand We Walked Along Together (Old Homestead CD) The Carolina Tar Heels [Camden. Victor. 4/3/29.] (3:27)
Earl Johnson & His Clodhoppers ~ Man on the Woodpile (Document CD) v. 2 [Atlanta. Okeh. 8/2/28.] (2:52)

Wildcats ~ Magnolia One-Step (Yodel-Ay-Hee CS) On Our Knees (2:42)
Reed Island Rounders ~ Sally in the Garden (Burning Wolf CD) Hand Me Downs (2:54)
W. E. Claunch with Mrs. Christine Haygood ~ Wagoner (Document CD) Mississippi Fiddle Tunes [LOC. 5/10/39.] (0:51)
Ella Hughes ~ Weevily Wheat (Jubilee CD) The Pine Breeze Recordings (0:46)
Palmer & Greg Loux ~ Polly Put the Kettle On (Chubby Dragon CD) In Good Company (3:45)
Mike Mitchell ~ Lay That Pistol Down (self-produced CD) Dead Center (3:18)

Deer Creek Boys ~ High Wire (Mountain Fever CD) Midnight & Dawn (2:57)
Lou Reid & Carolina ~ I Call Your Name (KMA CD) 20th Anniversary Concert (2:59)
Doug Flowers ~ Hello to Grace Today (self-produced CD) Favorites (2:58)
Aaron “Frosty” Foster ~ Wayfaring Stranger (self-produced CD) Opening Doors (4:36)

Forbes Family ~ Old Ship of Zion (Rebel CD) A Forbes Family Treasury v. 2 ( 2:45)
Carter Family ~ I Have an Aged Mother (Rounder CD) Worried Man Blues [Memphis. Montgomery Ward. 5/24/30.] (3:20)
Theo. & Gus Clark ~ Wimbush Rag (Document CD) Georgia Stringbands v. 1 [Atlanta. Okeh. 3/12/29.] (3:09)
Luther Patrick ~ Father’s Liver Ain’t What It Used to Be (Document CD) Alabama Stringbands [Birmingham. Gennett. C. 8/30/27.] (2:34)
Tommy Jarrell ~ Walking in My Sleep (County CD) Pickin’ on Tommy’s Porch (2:03)

Galax Bogtrotters ~ Ida Red (Dittyville CD) Old Time Jubilations (3:13)
Monks ~ Pretty Little Widow (Yodel-Ay-Hee CD) Let Us Play (2:05)
Jerry Garcia, David Grisman & Tony Rice ~ Louis Collins (Acoustic Disc CD) The Pizza Tapes (5:57)
Thomm Jutz ~ Crazy if You Let It (Mountain Fever CD) Crazy if You Let It (3:18)

Windy Hill ~ Junebug (self-produced CD) Bluegrass Sounds from California (4:25)

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Playlist 2/1/2018

Bluegrass, Etc. Frank Hoppe - 88.5 HD-2 Bluegrass Country Radio

Crooked Jades ~ California Blues (Copper Creek CD) The Unfortunate Rake v. 2 Yellow Mercury (1:21)
Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle ~ Go Ahead and Tell Me What to Do (Rural Rhythm CD) Aim High (3:20)

Steve Howell & Jason Weinheimer ~ Got the Blues, Can’t Be Satisfied (Blind Raccoon CD) A Hundred Years from Now (3:10)
Wildfire ~ I Get the Picture (Pinecastle CD) Rented Room on Broadway (3:07)
Farm Hands ~ The Bible in the Drawer (Pinecastle CD) Colors (2:47)

Alan O’Bryant et al ~ Children Go Where I Send Thee (Brentwood CD) Smoky Mountain Singin’ (2:49)
Carl Story Quartet ~ Somebody Touched Me (Old Homestead CD) Songs from XERA Transcriptions (2:11)
Bill Carlisle’s Kentucky Boys ~ Sparkling Blue Eyes (Decca 78) N/A [Charlotte, NC. 7/25/39.] (2:46)
Anglin Twins & Red ~ They’re All Going Home but One (Old Homestead LP) The South’s Favorite Trio [San Antonio, TX. Vocalion. 11/6/37.] (2:46)
Dykes’ Magic City Trio ~ Hook and Line (County CD) Old-Time Music from Southwest Virginia [NY. Brunswick. 3/11/27.] (3:08)

Clark Buehling ~ Where Did You Come From? (self-produced CD) Out of His Gourd (1:27)
Spencer & Rains ~ Eeph Caught a Rabbit (Tiki Parlour CD) Spotted Pony (3:07)
Foghorn Stringband ~ John Hardy (self-produced CD) Devil in the Seat (5:20)
Darin & Brooke Aldridge ~ Lila (Mountain Home CD) Faster and Farther (3:41)

Ricky Wasson ~ She’s Gone, Gone, Gone (Truegrass Entertainment CD) Croweology (2:31)
O’Connor Band with Mark O’Connor ~ Fisher’s Hornpipe (Rounder CD) Coming Home (3:42)
Mother’s Boys ~ Carter’s Blues (Hen Cackle CD) Home among the Hills [Former Bluegrass Boy Peter Feldman.] (4:03)
Rhonda Vincent & the Rage ~ You Don’t Love God if You don’t Love Your Neighbor (Upper Management CD) In Concert Volume One (3:27)

Good Shepherd Quartet ~ Forbidden to Pass thru the Beautiful Gate (self-produced CD) When I Join the Happy Circle (2:37)
James I. Miller ~ Water Won’t Wash Off the Blood (self-produced CD) Lord, Send Me an Angel (2:34)
Delmore Brothers ~ Goin’ Back to the Blue Ridge Mountains (JSP CD) Volume 2 [Chicago. Decca. 2/2/46 or 9-10/46.] (2:46)
Carl Sprague ~ The Cowboy (Yazoo CD) When I Was a Cowboy v. 2 [Savannah, GA. Victor. 8/24/27.] (3:23)

Uncle Jimmy Thompson ~ Karo (County CD) Nashville The Early String Bands v. 2 [Atlanta. Columbia. 11/1/26.] (3:00)
Back-Step ~ Old Reuben (self-produced CD) Hell amongst the Roundpeakers (3:40)
Erynn Marshall ~ Greasy Creek (Dittyville CD) Greasy Creek (3:19)
Bing Brothers Band ~ Last Chance (self-produced CD) Live from Pocahantas County WV (3:07)

Lonesome River Band ~ Long Gone (Rural Rhythm CD) Chronology v. 3 (3:04)
Mickey Galyean & Cullen’s Bridge ~ Please Take Care of My Babies (Rebel CD) My Daddy’s Grass (3:04)
Heidi & Ryan ~ Sometimes Love Hurts (Mountain Fever CD) Heidi & Ryan (3:55)
Hot October ~ If I Knew Your Name (self-produced CD) Hot October (3:32)

Dave Adkins Trio ~ Crying Holy unto the Lord (Mountain Fever CD) Turn to Jesus (2:40)
Molly Rose Band ~ Trading My Cross for a Crown (Patuxent CD) With All Due Respect (3:00)
Chestnut Grove Quartet ~ My Lord Delivered Me (County CD) The Legendary Chestnut Grove Quartet (2:29)
Clay Everheart & the North Carolina Cooper Boys ~ Rose with a Broken Stem (Columbia 78) N/A [Atlanta. 10/27/31.] (3:06)
Allen Brothers ~ ~ I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight (Document CD) v. 1 [Atlanta. Victor. 10/15/28.] (2:50)

Narmour & Smith ~ Captain George, Has Your Money Come? (Document CD) v. 1 [Memphis. Okeh. 2/15/28.] (2:43)
Norman Edmonds ~ Breaking Up Christmas (SpringFed CD) Train on the Island (5:56)
Mark Tamsula & Richard Withers ~ The Waterford Special/Si Hall’s Reel (Snappin’ Bug CD) Behind the Door (3:10)
Skillet Licorice ~ All I Got’s Done Gone (self-produced CD) Skillet Licorice (2:52)

Red Allen & Frank Wakefield ~ Old Joe Clark (Patuxent CD) The WDON Recordings 1963 (1:32)
Big Country Bluegrass ~ If I Ever Get Home (Rebel CD) Let Them Know I’m from Virginia (2:58)
Corrina Rose Logston ~ Laughing Boy (Patuxent CD) Bluegrass Fiddler (3:15)
Earls of Leicester ~ I’m Working on a Road to Glory Land (Rounder CD) Rattle & Roar (3:01)
Ben Townsend ~ Passing Away (Deep End Sessions CD) Deep End Sessions v. 3 (5:02)

J. E. Mainer’s Mountaineers ~ City on the Hill (Old Homestead CD) Wade Mainer’s Mountainers v. 1 [Atlanta. Bluebird. 8/6/35.] (2:35)
David Bragger ~ Jingle at the Window, Tidy-O (Tiki Parlour CD) Big Fancy (2:15)
$4 Shoe ~ Didn’t He Ramble (self-produced CD) I’m Worried Now (3:20)
Dan Gellert & Brad Leftwich ~ Johnson Boys (Marimac CS) A Moment in Time (3:03)
Squirrel Butter ~ Knoxville Rag (self-produced CD) Banjo Clog (2:35)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

In September of 2017 my longtime program, Bluegrass, Etc., ended its run on KCSN 88.5fm out of California State University, Northridge.

I had been fortunate to be broadcasting at KCSN for almost 30 years.

Starting on Thursday February 1, 2018, and airing each subsequent Thursday from 12:00pm – 3:00pm ET (9:00am – 12:00pm PT),  Bluegrass, Etc. will have a new life on Bluegrass Country Radio (88.5 fm HD-2), which serves the Washington, DC market. It will stream online at, and shows will be archived for two weeks after their initial broadcast.  

The focus of my show will continue to be traditional Bluegrass, Bluegrass Gospel, contemporary Old-Time, and pre-WWII Country 78s.

Please check it out, and send your requests and feedback to me at

Thank you!

Best wishes,

Frank P. Hoppe
Bluegrass, Etc.
Bluegrass Country 88.5 HD-2
Thursdays noon – 3:00pm ET (9:00am – noon PT)
streaming at
latest show archived at Broadcast Archives – Bluegrass Country 88.5 HD-2

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Good-bye and Thank You to all my listeners! You all gave me a very precious gift!

Longtime KCSN program host Frank Hoppe was notified of the cancellation of his program, Bluegrass, Etc. Monday, September 11, 2017, effective immediately, as a consequence of the agreement made between KCSN and KSBR to consolidate their programming.

His program focused on traditional bluegrass, bluegrass gospel, pre-WWII country 78s and contemporary old-time. Old-time is a style of country music dominant before the formulation of bluegrass by Bill Monroe and others in the 1930s and 40s. This show provided the only substantial Sunday morning gospel programming on the station. It had a broad national and international listenership and was influential in supporting a resurgence of interest by the bluegrass world in old-time styles and repertoire.

Frank Hoppe began his career at KCSN in 1984, doing a Monday morning folk show under then station manager Mark Humphrey. When KCSN’s format changed to largely classical music programming in 1989, both Humphrey and Hoppe left.

In 1993, Hoppe was brought back to KCSN to take the place of departing bluegrass host Howard Yearwood and remained there till he did his last show this past Sunday, September 10.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Playlist 9/10/2017

Bluegrass, Etc. Frank Hoppe - KCSN 88.5

Crooked Jades ~ California Blues (Copper Creek CD) The Unfortunate Rake v. 2 Yellow Mercury (1:21)

Jeff Scroggins & Colorado ~ Wall around Your Heart (self-produced CD) Ramblin Feels Good (2:44)

Reno & Smiley ~ Somewhere, Someday Again (Rebel CD) Together Again [1971. Rome.] (2:44)

Lonely Heartstring Band ~ If I Had a Hammer (Rounder CD) Deep Waters (3:27)

Kevin Prater Band ~ House of Gold (Patuxent CD) All I Ever Wanted [New release.] (3:46)

Josh Williams ~ God’s Plan (Rounder CD) Modern Day Man (3:19)

Darin & Brooke Aldridge ~ Heaven Just Got Sweeter for You (Mountain Home CD) Faster and Farther (3:37)

Alfred G. Karnes ~ Where We’ll Never Grow Old (Document CD) Kentucky Gospel [Bristol, TN. Victor. 7/29/27.] (3:13)

Three Tobacco Tags ~ Why Should It End This Way (British Archive of Country Music CD) Get Your Head in Here [Charlotte, NC. Bluebird. 10/13/36.] (2:22)


Nations Brothers ~ Magnolia One-Step (County CD) Mississippi String Bands v. 2 [Jackson, MS. American Recording Company. 10/13/35.] (2:50)

$4 Shoe ~ Ma and Pa and Me (self-produced CD) I’m Worried Now (3:19)

W. E. Claunch with Mrs. Christine Haygood ~ Black-Eyed Susie (Document CD) Mississippi Fiddle Tunes [Lee County, MS. 5/10/39.] (1:04)

Bing Brothers Band ~ Little Sadie (self-produced CD) Live from Pocahantas County WV [Featuring Jake Krack.] (2:25)

Wildfire ~ Riding the Fence (Pinecastle CD) Rented Room on Broadway (2:24)

Flatt & Scruggs ~ Flint Hill Special (Bear Family CD) 1959-1963 (2:16)

Red Allen & Frank Wakefield ~ Give Me the Flowers while I’m Living (Patuxent CD) The WDON Recordings 1963 (2:17)

Molly Rose Band ~ Burden of Sin (Patuxent CD) With All Due Respect [New release.] (3:31)

Ricky Wasson ~ God’s Own Singer (Truegrass Entertainment CD) Croweology (2:53)

Dave Adkins Trio ~ I Can’t Even Walk (Mountain Fever CD) Turn to Jesus (4:55)

Narmour & Smith ~ Gallop to Georgia (Document CD) v. 2 [Atlanta. Bluebird. 7/30/34.] (3:01)


Capt. M. J. Bonner ~ Dusty Miller/Ma Ferguson (Document CD) Texas Fiddle Bands [Houston, TX. Victor. 3/17/25.] (2:46)

Edward L. Crain ~ Bandit Cole Younger (Yazoo CD) When I Was a Cowboy v. 1 [NY. Conqueror. 7/23/31.] (2:55)

Crooked Road Ramblers ~ Grey Eagle (self-produced CD) Mule to Ride (2:05)

Bruce Greene ~ I’m a’Going Back South (Hellbendre Press CD) River in Time (1:38)

Galax Bogtrotters ~ Highlander’s Farewell (DittyVille CD) Old Time Jubilations [New release.] (2:50)

Hot October ~ Dixie (self-produced CD) Hot October (4:17)

Mark Newton & Steve Thomas ~ Nobody’s Business (Pinecastle CD) Reborn (2:07)

Bill Monroe ~ With Body and Soul (Bear Family CD) Bluegrass 1959-1969 [4/29/69.] (3:05)

Corrina Rose Logston ~ Whispering Hope (Patuxent CD) Bluegrass Fiddler [New release.] (3:36)


Travers Chandler ~ Portrait of Sin (Patuxent CD) Archaic (3:43)

Tom & Jon ~ Rainbow Sign (Fun Times CD) Play Old Time Music (2:37)

Carter Family ~ John Hardy Was a Desperate Little Man (Bear Family CD) In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain [Camden. Victor. 5/10/28.] (2:57)

Charlie Poole with the North Carolina Ramblers ~ Write
 a Letter to My Mother (County CD) The Legend of Charlie Poole v. 3 [NY. Columbia. 1/23/30.] (3:02)

Happy Hayseeds ~ The Tail of Haley’s Comet (Yazoo CD) Times Ain’t Like They Used to Be v. 1 [Culver City, CA. Victor. 3/4/30.] (2:43)

Norman Edmonds ~ Lucy Neil (Spring Fed CD) Train on the Island (2:09)

Clark Buehling ~ The Arkansas Sheik (self-produced CD) Out of His Gourd (2:11)

Craig Johnson ~ Keweenaw Light (5-String Productions CD) Away Down the Road (4:31)

Mike Mitchell ~ Rachel (self-produced CD) Dead Center (3:58)